CELL-FLEX Polyurethane Foam

The CELL-FLEX line of open cell polyurethane foam is
manufactured in three unique formulations.

Cell-flex HD
Cell flex HD foam is a very high density polyurethane foam.

• Density 8-12 lbs per cubic ft.
• Available in roll and sheet form
• Breathable
• Resilient
• Antibacterial
• Low compression set
• Applications: Packaging, Footwear, Sporting Goods

Cell-flex MF
Slow recovery memory foam: When pressure is applied our foam conforms to the pressure,when released the foam returns to its original state.

• 3-8 lbs per cubic ft
• Recovery rate can be adjusted for all applications
• Applications: Medical, Furniture

Cell-Flex RPF
This is our 100% Recycled polyurethane foam, featuring a density range of 8- 24 lbs per cubic ft.
provides excellent ventilation

• Odorless and antibacterial
• Non Toxic
• Environmentally Friendly
• Applications: Footwear, Sporting Goods, Industrial, Packaging

All of our pu formulations can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. We also have the capabilities of printing on our RPF series. All compounds can be produced in anti-static or conductive formulation.

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Memory Foam (MF)


CELL-FLEX Recycled Polyurethane Foam (RPF)


CELL-FLEX High Density Polyurethane Foam (HD)


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