environmentally friendly foam swatches

Decrease CO2 and reduce petroleum usage

EFF is an environmentally friendly bio based foam with up to 30% bio based carbon content. Conforms to USDA bio preferred program under foam intermedia, (22%) category. It is an eco-friendly bio based foam in which fossil EVA is replaced with bio based carbon.

EFF is made from a vast range of renewable bio based materials including bamboo, rice husks, straw, wood also recycled agricultural wastes. Bio based materials have the unique potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or even be carbon neutral. Plants absorb atmosphere carbon dioxide as they grow and constitutes a temporary removal of greenhouse gases (CO2 ) from the atmosphere.

EFF bio based foam can also help to reduce the dependency on limited fossil resources, which expects to become significantly more expensive in the coming decades.

EFF is tested by Beta Lab and bio based content is up 30%. EFF conforms to USDA bio preferred program under foam intermedia, (22%) category.

EFF is also available in resins providing options to adjust your compound for your desired properties, it is suitable for injection and expansion foams.

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