DER-TEX Foam Laminating Services

The Laminating Operations at Der-Tex utilize an extensive range of capabilities. Our diversity of laminating equipment, adhesives, and materials allow Der-Tex the ability to solve your most challenging bonding projects. Extensive inventory of adhesives and materials permits rapid delivery time for samples and production.

Our equipment can process materials up to 72” wide, 1mm-86mm thickness, in sheet and roll form and the ability to slit to the appropriate width. We also have the ability to convert sheet product into roll form to improve our customers cutting yield.

The eco-friendly Power Bond Web Laminator is 100% solvent free utilizing a dry web adhesive system. The Power Bond Web Laminating system eliminates hazardous solvent residue upon completion of production orders.

Der-Tex incorporates the following equipment, adhesives and substrates in our laminating process.



• Flame Laminator
• Hot melt roller coat
• Curtain coat water base Laminator
• Environmentally Friendly Power Bond Web Laminator


• Water Based Polyurethane
• Water Based Neoprene
• Hot Melt
• Polyamide
• PSA (pressure sensitive adhesives)
• Films
• Web
• Thermoplastic Urethane
• Polyester


• Eva
• Polyethylene
• Vinyl Nitrile
• Neoprene
• Polypropylene
• Fiberboard
• Cellulose Paper
• Styrene Butadiene Rubber
• Masonite
• Epdm
• Polyurethane
• Leather

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Textile Laminates

• Nylon
• Polyester
• Nylon polyester blend
• Spandex
• Velcro compatible
• Pvc
• Polyurethane faux leather
• Nonwoven
• Mesh
• Spacer fabric
• Tricot
• Flannel
• Cordura

Lamination Options

• Textile to textile
• Film
• Psa
• Open cell foam to closed cell foam
• Open cell foam to open cell foam
• Closed cell foam to closed cell foam
• Textile to foam
• Roll to sheet
• Sheet to sheet
• Multiple density foam
• Barrier coat

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